Strategic Assistant & Office Administrator Job Description

The Strategic Assistant and Office Administrator is a key player in advancing Sagacious Partners’ mission of helping companies and communities grow. As the assistant to our Visionary and Integrator, the individual in this position will support SP’s short- and long-term priorities and will be responsible for coordinating activities within the organization based on goals established by the leadership team. Although primarily an administrative role, it is a highly strategic and facilitative one that requires a combination of focus, flexibility, and attention to detail.

What’s so great about working at Sagacious Partners?

  • The unique nature of our work/organization means our team members’ abilities are utilized daily. If you don’t know what your unique ability is, you will realize it in this environment.
  • Company culture. We promote an open and honest atmosphere, encouraging input and new ideas from any level. Everyone has a voice and an opportunity to contribute.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet, connect, and work with top-level regional and state leaders in business, government, academia, and community and economic development.
  • Our work makes a difference. We see a direct impact on companies and our community through the work we do – it’s not just something we talk about, it’s something we achieve.
  • We are are a small (but mighty!) team and think of ourselves as family. We take care of our people as long as they are a good fit with our core values.

What are your core values?

  1. We are leaders
  2. We get sh*t done
  3. We are humble, confident, and coachable
  4. We are personally accountable and expect this of others
  5. We love what we do and how we do it
  6. We believe in growth – personally and professionally

What would I do everyday?

The person in the SAOA role  has the responsibility of supporting our clients as well as our leadership team in addition to managing the organization’s administrative operations. This involves:

  • Coordinating with stakeholders to schedule business development meetings, board and committee meetings, speaking engagements and more
  • Acting as an intermediary if Visionary or Integrator is away and staff has strategic priority questions and work with staff to ensure that needs are conveyed and progress is being made in a timely way
  • Overseeing all human resources functions, including: internships, insurance & benefits administration, hiring and onboarding
  • Planning special events for clients and supporters
  • Being a problem-solver and gatekeeper who lives to make the executive’s lives easier
  • Immediately handling client/team needs that don’t require the leadership team’s specialized attention
  • Maintaining our internal processes and following systems and checklists to ensure internal and external consistency
  • Ensuring the office is kept tidy and meeting spaces are welcoming & comfortable for clients

What do I need to be successful in this role?

The ideal candidate for this position will have experience in a similar-natured role and will bring to the table the following skills/attributes:

  • A do-er. Plain and simple. We have a small team servicing a full load of clients, so we need people who are motivated to get the job done and enjoy being busy
  • Obsession with detail and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Solid communication skills  – both orally and in writing, including consistently circling back to close the loop with team members and clients to ensure everyone is on the same page with regard to a task, activity or update
  • Ability to maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism, and handle sensitive and proprietary financial information in strict confidence at all times
  • Proactive on all fronts – this is not the environment that caters well to individuals who are waiting for things to come to them
  • A strategic thinker, able to apply strong analytical skills to make rational, realistic and sound recommendations and decisions based on consideration of all facts and alternatives, in support of stated goals
  • The willingness to dive in and lend a hand in any way that could be helpful

This sounds awesome. I’m ready to apply!

And we’re ready to hear from you! Please send the following (as a PDF) to Selia Strausvia email:

  • Resume
  • Two References – name, phone, email, relationship
    • Do not share names of family members
    • Ideal references: past manager, colleague or teammate
    • Please notify your reference that they are likely to receive a call!