Additional Services

We’ve found that some of our clients need a little more to help meet their specific needs, or perhaps something just a little different (see more about who we help here). We offer the following a la carte services.

Mid Manager Session

Some companies opt to add this session during rollout to introduce the next level of management to EOS®. Upon completion, participants will have progressed towards understanding EOS®, progressed towards mastering the foundational tools and be ready to roll them out to the rest of the organization, and will understand how to use EOS® tools to improve leadership and management skills.

Merger Acquisition “Fit”

Companies considering a merger or acquisition use this session to determine clarity of fit and make a “go”/“no go” decision. Participants consider cultural and strategic fit, develop and work on an Issues List, and decide next steps.

Full and Half Day Issue Solving/Facilitating

When your Issues List gets too long, or you have one of those “hot issues” that is weighing you down, we can provide a facilitator to help you get to the core issue, surface options, agree on solutions and move forward.

Speaking Engagements

Available for business groups, trade groups and association meetings.


  • Talks: 60-90 minute EOS Talk designed to introduce EOS® tools and concepts to owners and leadership teams that want to get more out of their business.
  • Workshops: Half Day EOS® Workshop designed to introduce EOS® tools and concepts and provide hands-on exercises to owners and leadership teams that want to get more out of their business.

What Our Clients Say

“Neil McLean spoke at our annual Executive Summit in 2017. The theme of our event was “Growing with Purpose: How to Grow Your Business the Right Way.” He talked about the importance of creating an internal framework for making decisions and gave an overview of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Neil and his team were very easy to work with. The audience enjoyed his presentation and we received good feedback. I would recommend Neil as a speaker for your event. He does a great job of getting the audience engaged and keeps the conversation interactive. He provided value by giving everyone a workbook they could use to identify the vision and core focus of their organization. Neil is a stud.”

Matt Vaadi, CEO, ERG Payroll & HR

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